Vendredi 25 juin à 23:00


Burgeoning modular techno outfit Kosima are in pursuit of dark smoky clubs, conducive to sound experiment and free expression. Galvanised by an innate desire to evolve and innovate, the French duo, made up of Marylou and Florian, offer a uniquely mesmeric perspective and format to the live performance landscape.  

Kosima subvert the traditional techno sound, oscillating between modular synthesizers, rhythm machines, and conventional song to elicit their own intoxicating strain of underground music. Continuing this rich vein of form, the Kosima project is replete with creative aspiration as they prepare for the 2021 release of their debut album contribution, with an anthology of productions. Drip fed over the coming months, these five conceptual releases, visualised by graphic designer Jules Quanouai, aim to set a precedent for their LP opus and will be accompanied by two live videos filmed from Blockhaus DY10, Nantes. 

Présenté par Kaa Production

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